I Can Sell It Myself

    Every single day the best Realtors in the business have warm discussions with well informed and tech savvy home sellers who want to save money and sell their home on their own. I need only mention Zillow for the general population to feel like a real estate expert.

    With property prices increasing every day and a healthy sellers market happening country wide, homeowners know if they upload a few pictures on a yard sale site and throw a sign in their yard, their home will sell and it will sell fast!

     That’s why we thought we’d let you in on a long kept secret no Realtor wants you to know….You really can sell your home on your own!

    But what if I told you there’s a question you might have overlooked?
    Will selling your home on your own, get you the most money possible?

     Wait, what do you mean?

     Well let’s think it through a bit.

    Even discount selling companies will advise you to pay a buyer’s agent and much like buying a diamond ring from Tiffany’s vs. the local pawn shop, selling a home by owner attracts buyers who are aggressively looking for a “deal.”

     Still not convinced….consider this –

    • When you hire a Realtor, you’re hiring a seasoned negotiatior. A good Realtor sells dozens if not hundreds of homes a year, home sellers may sell 1 or 2 in their life. Does experience matter? Ask Tom Brady.

    • Realtors aren’t emotionally attached to the outcome of the sale, allowing them to help keep all parties calm during negotiations. This can be the costly difference between selling your home or starting the process over with a new buyer.

    • Realtors sell homes every day, which means they know what home repair issues are normal to concede to, saving a seller un-necessary repair costs.

    • Pricing is a science that even the best realtors would respectfully admit requires skill. If you price a home too high, you could sit on it for months – costing you more in additional mortgage payments. If you price it too low, you could lose thousands in equity.

     Realtors don’t just sell your home, the good ones, know how to sell it for the most money possible.

    At The Canovo Group we’re confident in our ability to sell your home for top dollar, that’s why we put our money where our mouth is. We don’t charge you any upfront costs when selling your home. That means you have nothing to lose when putting our service to the test.

    Still not convinced? Listen to what our past clients say (here) and then contact our Home Selling Specialists today for a no obligation consultation.

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